Painting Tattoos in a Watercolor

Woman with Tattoo
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 7.5×5.5″

This was the first time I had encountered this model. She held difficult poses as if she had been a statue! She also had the extensive tattoo. I usually don’t have time to paint in any of the tattoos that models carry in on their bodies. I find them an interesting, fun to paint, addition to the work. I have to admit that I am ambivalent about them. I know a woman who has a lot of tattoos and she goes to great lengths to cover them up for work. If you like tattoos, it seems that having to cover them is at cross purposes to acquiring them in the first place. I think it’s the permanence. Not being able to change your mind once it’s done bothers me. Also, in some contexts, tattoos seem inappropriate. A tattooed bride in her wedding dress just seems peculiar. I guess I am just too old to get the current enthusiasm for them.

This little painting has been waiting to be posted for some time. I have been away from home on a road trip vacation and away from my computer for the last two weeks. I don’t like posting anything from my hand-held devices. It’s just too awkward. Besides, when I am on vacation the idea of dealing with writing and posting from tiny devices is just not what I wanted to do. The trip was a thrilling, self-guided tour of national parks: Badlands, Black Hills, Rocky Mountain, Arches, Canyon Lands, Dead Horse, and Great Sand Dunes. We also visited the Garden of the Gods and took the cog railway to the summit of Pike’s Peak. The only word I have for what I saw is, ‘spectacular!’

We also visited the Garden of the Gods and took the cog railway to the summit of Pike’s Peak. As a flat lander, I really felt the altitude. At 8,000 feet I had to move a little slower; at 9,500 feet I felt myself get winded very quickly; at 11,000 feet I accepted my limitations and stayed in the car! At the 14,000+ feet of the Pike’s Peak summit, I became dizzy. So did my friend. We took a few pictures and got back onto the train car. At my age, I can’t risk any falls.



September 28, 2016