A Marvelous Space for Figure Painting

In the Green Studio
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 3.75×10.5″

My Tuesday figure drawing/painting sessions are in office space on the second floor of an old bank building in Sturgeon Bay. The bank vault is still in place on the ground floor of in The Artists’ Guild art supply store. It has full height windows facing the street and an expanse of natural wood flooring. Behind this very large room are artists’ studios, teaching studios, a kitchen, and restrooms. It is a marvelous space to work in. It would also make a fabulous exhibition space.

 I would love to have an exhibition in that room! The only problem is that it’s not possible to put hangers on the wall. The building is constructed with poured concrete. I did say it was old. Old concrete that has been curing for close to a century is very hard. You’d need a heavy duty construction tool like a hammer drill which has a duel action—it hammers and drills at the same time.  Or you’d need a ram set which shoots anchors with a .22 caliber gunpowder charge. However with a material that is so hard, that using such aggressive tools leaves the possibility of shattering the concrete and have chunks falling out of the wall. I suppose you’d have to glue a liner the walls with something receptive to picture anchors with a powerful glue.

The model is dwarfed by the square footage and soaring ceiling of this room. I think I conveyed that in this little painting. The warm moss green of the walls made a very nice contrast to the red drape on which she is sitting. This is a quick pose group and getting a sense of finish can be very difficult considering the time constraints. This was done in well under 30 minutes.

April 18, 2016