Companion Nude in the Implied Landscape

StripedClothWEBOn Striped Cloth
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 7.25×5.25″

I completed the piece during the same session as the painting of the previous post. It has the same kind of amorphous background which implies landscape. This is the same model as the model with the extensive tattoo on her body. I had no time here to paint that in. I was too focused on the striped fabric. I am always surprised to see how effective very few marks are in communicating a whole. A few dark spots on a knee says “knee” so well.

The transition through the joints is one of the more difficult things to master. It’s a combination of good observation and an understanding of the anatomy.  One can understand anatomy in a medical way but not understand anatomy in as a draftswoman/man. Connecting the structure underlying the surface with what one sees on the surface is essential. It takes so much practice to really put it all together and actually see it. The first time is an Aha! moment. It’s very difficult to explain. It must be experienced.

Once experienced, there is no difficulty putting only the necessary marks to tell your audience what they are seeing.

October 17, 2016