Letithia Reclining
Oil on Panel

This the lovely Letithia. I think I am going to change the background color. The pale blue violet in the left hand corner pleases me more than the orange tones. I will make it a little more saturated and darker but I’ll keep it in the blue range because it is complementary to the skin tones of the model. Then it will undergo further alterations and end up on my other blog.

I take great pleasure in painting from a model but these are studies and I do not consider these paintings to be art. I am working on ideas that will layer other imagery over these for content. So, check my other blog to see how they work out.

A note to those who wish to comment:
I love having visitors to my blogs comment on my work. However since I am an English speaker, I will not be able to moderate the comments I cannot read. So please, if you comment, make it in English. I will not publish any comments I cannot read and understand. That’s just the way it is.

February 20, 2010