Snow Paintings, Again

House up the Road
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 5.75×14″

We’ve had several snow ‘events’ since my last post. It seems spring just won’t boing! Granted, the snow is not significant and doesn’t last very long, but it’s still winter cold. All my swim buddies and I keep trying to convince ourselves that winter is on the wane by praising the occasional periods of sunshine. But, every time the weather man announces snow someone blurts out an “Oh, sh-t!” We are crabby with anticipation and impatience.

I visited my kids in Chicago and, there, the forsythia is blooming and the honeysuckle is all leafed out. We had a one day temp of 72º! It promptly transposed to 27º but at least we had it! Not a bit of green here with temps hovering at the freezing level.

We do have a lot of action at our bird feeders. We have three varieties of woodpecker, two varieties of nuthatches, and more varieties of finch than I can count. The birds are pairing up for nesting, but no vernal warmth to accompany it. Damn!

This little watercolor is a recapitulation of the last watercolor. I just thought I could do a little better. I find that i do these better from memory. I’m freer to invent by adding or subtracting elements. I also do better by trying the same scene several times. I learn and apply so much from the previous attempts that it seems that much easier. I generally don’t like to re-do paintings but in this instance the deficiencies in my memory of the scene, or the process of composing from many scenes observed while driving, keep them fresh for me.

I have more of these in the works. It doesn’t look like spring will have sprung by the time I post the next piece. I sure hope I’m wrong.

April 10, 2016