Spectacle Times Two

At the Ready
Graphite on Paper, 8×5″
My husband is a rabid hockey fan. It’s all my fault. I bought him a family pack of tickets to the Chicago Wolves for his birthday three years ago. (The Blackhawk tickets are just too expensive.) He took our sons and a close friend to the game. They had such a great time, all of them are now incorrigible hockey fanatics. They worship at the shrine of the Holy Hockey Puck.
My hubby will come home from a game and then watch Hockey on the Fly which includes clips of the game he had just seen. He records games for review later. He goes into mourning when the season is over. Such is the extent of his hockey addiction, he watches old games multiple times during the summer. He counts the days until the season begins again.
Now for the paradox. He’s also a committed opera fan. That came about, also, with a gifted ticket. He was given a ticket to see the final opera of Wagner’s Ring Cycle: Gotterdammerung. (Translation: God Damn Ring.) He went on his own not knowing anything about the plot or having heard anything of what came before in the preceding three operas. Well, he was swept away. He had to look into the history and summary of the plot and see those other operas in the cycle.

What makes this so extraordinary is that previous to these events, he wouldn’t have been caught dead in the same room with anything having to do with opera. He would say that he couldn’t stand that “catterwalling”. Now we have had season tickets to the Lyric Opera of Chicago for at least the last twelve seasons. We’ve even attended a complete Ring Cycle. (Four operas in five evenings) Go figure!

Our seats are in the lower upper nose bleed section but we enjoy it none the less. The following drawing was done before and between acts of the Mikado. The place is rich with art deco pattern. It has been  recently restored. My hubby was part of the electrical team running the new electrical work and lighting.
View From the Upper  Balcony,  Lyric Opera Chicago
Graphite on Paper, 8×5″

January 13, 2011