I taught my first of the semester lifedrawing class to my beginning drawing students. It’s grueling for them and for me. Rushing from one campus to the other is not pleasant either. Next semester I start the PM class 30 minutes later so that will make it easier in the rush department especially with winter weather to anticipate. I’m pooped.

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November 20, 2008

Art Making, No TV

Portrait Commissions through

Today is a no TV watching day. I have to go back to an old rule of mine and forbid myself from turning the television on so I will actually get something done. The offerings are drivel anyway. I’d like to get rid of the cable connection altogether but Mr. Schulman would have a kaniption fit. His withdrawal would be far worse than mine. He can’t go to sleep without the TV & the lights being on. I like to go to sleep with it dark and quiet. Here’s another piece of artwork.

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November 18, 2008

Back to the grindstone, sort of

Well I have attended the wedding that took another day away from my Saturday studio group and now I can go back to a more consistent attendance. I relish those sessions. It’s the best day of my week! Four hours with a model; good conversation and good music mixed with art-making. That’s an ideal combination for me. I wouldn’t miss it at all if it were not for other obligations that occasionally interfere.

We have a male model for the next two sessions and I am going to bring a doll to the session for my work and see what happens when I place the doll into a piece with a nude man. I prefer to be a provocative & snotty. I want people to think when they look at my work.

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November 16, 2008

Figure Painting Session

I am going to a drop in session with a model this morning. I need to keep my skills up to par. I’ll be using watercolor today. Since I have this wedding this Saturday and won’t be able to go to the Saturday session.
I prefer Saturdays because the model is engaged for 2 sessions of 4 hours each and I can actually get a complete work out of it. I can work with water mixable oils and I really like them. I use the quick dry medium to make the paint move more readily. I gotta go in order to get there in time and still find a place to park.

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November 14, 2008

Odd Companions in a Painting

Dolls and Doilies
Acrylic on Canvas, 36×48″

More artwork on

It’s 8am and I am sitting here planning my day. I have an exhibition to get ready for and I have a wedding on Saturday. I also have a lot of artwork to photograph. I also have to close myself off from the world and make some new art in a serious vein. I have been struggling with a new direction and the only way to find it is to make one piece after another to figure out the visual concept. Where do the dolls and the nude male images go from here?

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November 13, 2008

Painting Paintings

Dolls with Apple and Pear
Watercolor on Rag Paper, 22×30″, $300.00

More watercolors on

In this watercolor I have painted an image of a male nude from a photograph I got from a book of photography focusing on the the history of the male nude. I decided to combine such an image with little girls’ playthings— dolls. It seems the combination is very disturbing to some viewers. I mean for it to be so.

Little girls a sexualized at an early age then blamed for being to seductive. As they grow older they become responsible for the sexual behavior of boys. They dress too provocatively, or are merely present. Such responsibility is the excuse for the imposition of modest clothing or the veil. A girls beauty is too distracting for the opposite sex. Well boys, get you acts together and exercise a little discipline.

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November 12, 2008

Making contact

I have been making contact with old friends. I also want to make new friends and share my art. I will be up-loading images periodically and making announcements of shows. I hope to hear from any one who is interested in art, history, & science. More to come regarding my art process and what I have to say in my work. My work can be a bit edgie so be prepared. contact me through my website

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November 12, 2008