It’s Over!

Red Drapery
Oil on Panel, 14×11″

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I filed my grades last Tuesday and turned in my grade keeper records. I am done for now. I have been thinking about next semester. Basic drawing is covered because I have been teaching that for some time. But this is only the second time I will be teaching life drawing. I am still tweeking that. I have to go through my list of concepts and re-enforcing activities. I have to consider what I may be missing or what must be adjusted. I also need some alternate activities for when a model fails to arrive. I am also going through my supplies list so I can have the art department place an order in time for classes to begin.
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December 22, 2008

End of the Art Teaching Semester!

Seated Man
Oil on Panel, 14×11″ $150.00

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This my last week of teaching this semester and I am so glad. I look forward to new semester beginnings and look forward to their ends with equal enthusiasm. Next semester I teach life drawing and beginning drawing. A new twist that will keep me on my toes. I am worried about filling my life drawing class. It’s expensive and requires a dedicated group of students because of the effort it requires on their part. Facility does not come easily. The figure is always a challenge and one must practice to maintain skills. It take real desire on the part of the artist to master the infinite variety of the human form. One thing I have found is that no matter who the model is each is beautiful in her or his own way.

I have a teaching assessment coming up and I have to produce one typical full tone drawing from each of my beginning students from the current group. I am not worried about it in any way. After teaching adjunct for 7 years its no big deal. Here is another oil painting of an inspiring young man.

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December 8, 2008