Watercolor USA 2010

This watercolor is in Watercolor USA 2010 at the Springfield Art Museum in Springfield MO. Watercolor USA runs through August 8. This is the most prestigious exhibition of contemporary watercolors in the US. It is an honor to be a part of this show.

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June 29, 2010

Finally, a Painting!

Backyard Neighbor
Watercolor on Masa Paper



I have finally been able to take some time make a watercolor. Things seem more right with the world! I am not particularly pleased with this effort, but when I am away from painting (watercolor or oil), I have to scrape off the rust and learn how to paint all over again. The point of daily painting is not just the discipline of getting to work every day but it’s to maintain skills. It takes several of these watercolors just to be able to hit my stride and maintain the rhythm of doing. Just the act of painting stimulates not just skills, but ideas for new paintings. Churning out one painting after another is best way to work. Or have at least 3—5 paintings going at a time. Life always seems to intervene and break the rhythm. I wish I had a wife!
I have packed all that I can pack in this stage of moving. I have run out of boxes. My husband and I will schlep our boxes up the stairs into a small trailer we bought for our move and haul it to our Wisconsin house. Then we unpack, break the boxes down, and take them home to fill again. (I’ve already done that twice with artwork.) In the mean time, I plan on another painting or two. Maybe. It’s all up in the air. On top of the moving my nephew is getting married and I will be going out of town for that. Life intervenes again!

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June 29, 2010

My Absence

I have been very busy in the last month. I visited friends in Florida and, after a few days home, went right on to my future home in Wisconsin where I supervised, with my husband, the creation of a new studio. My husband has been an electrician for the last 45+ years having worked outdoors with his tool belt on high rises during the worst winters as apprentice, journeyman, foreman, general foreman, and then as a project manager. He has consulted for and done lighting design for large facilities, designed and supervised the execution large capacity back-up generation and uninterrupted power sources for computer floors. He has finished his career with the complex requirements for hospital E.R.s and surgical suites. 
Now he is working with the tools again, for me. He has completed all the electrical work for my new studio, his office/radio room including the lighting design and a new electrical panel for same. Together we decided on ceiling tile and flooring while friend, who is a carpenter, did the execution.
Both of our play spaces looked more like garages than actual living spaces. You can see the transformation in the pictures above. Both pictures were taken from roughly the same positions. Now we have to complete our move so we can put our other house up for sale and make the move full time and permanent. 
We are moving to a rural area near Green Bay, Wisconsin and will be only a half hour ride to Sturgeon Bay and the Door Peninsula. A beautiful place to live with woods and open fields and no traffic! Not like Chicago traffic at all! The weather is similar and when we are tired of winter we’ll pick up and go to the warm by visiting our Florida friends.
So painting has taken second place to moving but I hope to post a few pieces soon.

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June 16, 2010