Bummed. Painting Group Disbanded

Lady and Skull (Homage to Georgia)
Oil on Linen Panel, 20×16″
I am really bummed! My Saturday figure drawing has been discontinued for the summer and possibly forever. This may be the last figure painting for a long time. Our host needs her studio to work on some large canvases and must have  the whole space without the necessity of clearing it for Saturdays. I am very sad to see it go. It was the best day of my week. I looked forward to it each Saturday.
I have to find another way to get my figure drawing/painting fix. That will be difficult as this was the only session I know of which focused on long poses for the completion of a work. All the others are quick pose for less advanced figure artists who need to cultivate their editing skills. We need to learn how to be generalize a figure before we can get to the specifics that make for a likeness. Our Saturday group members are already at that level and are working towards personal goals.
This a sign that I just need to kick myself in the butt and get on with my own work. I will miss terribly the social aspects of my Saturdays and the stimulating conversation, good music, and technical, artist growth. Who knows maybe I’ll be able to find a space to continue this group. It’s been going for many years. It seems a shame to let it die after so long. I can’t stay in mourning for it for too long. I need to act soon.

T F m
May 19, 2012

Drawing Doodles

Busy Girl
Ball Point Pen on Paper, 5.5×5.5″


While in Florida last March we went on a sunset water tour of the marshes. This little girl was on the boat with us. She was very busy interacting with family. Naturally little bundles of energy like this don’t stay still for long but long enough for these two portrait sketches.

T F m
May 12, 2012