Painting on. No Baby Yet.

Is it Sunny?
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 15×10.5″


This is from the same session as the previous post. As successful as that session was, the following session proved to be a disappointment. Go figure. Some days I’m hot and some days I’m not. 
This has a very nice quality of light. It’s as if she was actually sitting in the sun and not in an enclosed space. The landscape elements were completely invented with little fuss. Sometimes not thinking too much can be your best technique.
I am not a gramma yet. My daughter-in-law is a little more than a week overdue and she is very “heavy with child”. The doctor wants to induce labor if it goes another week. I’d prefer she go into labor on her own. Induced labors are a little harder on both mom and baby. A natural labor would be so much better. 
We are expecting a storm through here today with rain and very strong winds. Hopefully the rapidly changing barometric pressure will encourage labor. That and some Mexican food. Come on baby!


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November 16, 2013

Of Painting, Sewing, and Grandbabies

Summer Night Dream
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 7.75×5.25″


I had a very good afternoon painting from the model last Sunday. This is the final watercolor of the day. It is rare that I am satisfied with all the pieces that come out of such sessions. The other pieces from the day will be posted later in the week. 
The background is a total invention. The cushions are a partial invention as I changed the colors and made additions to some patterns. The model has been painted as closely to my observation as I possibly could. That’s as ‘truthful’ as this ‘image-lie’ is going to get.
This is an unusually long period between posts for me. I have been obsessed anticipating the birth of my first grandchild. I am crazed with excitement! I have been sewing baby things. I have been making overalls with zipper crotches for easy diaper changing and reversible jackets with hoods. I am drawing from previous experiences sewing for my kids when they were little. I am reliving all the fun I had making their clothing. 
Before I went back to painting, sewing was my creative outlet. I have always had a lot of creative energy that I had to express somehow. It was just too difficult for me to paint with materials that were potentially toxic in a small space with tiny children. Once they were older I was able to shift my energies to painting. Now I can do both!

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November 7, 2013