Air of Expectancy

Standing in Shadow
Watercolor on Masa Paper,15×10.5″
This was done some weeks ago before I became a gramma. My new grandson has taken my attention. He is such a beautiful, brand new, human being! He is growing and changing by the minute. I’m smitten!
The initial strokes which established the whole figure were done very quickly. I am attracted to strong contrasts. The dramatic lighting makes it so much easier to see all the shapes. I also like the air of expectancy. She seems to be about to lose her balance and to stumble to the left. She did hold that pose for 20 minutes so she was not stumbling. I think the speed of application exaggerated the pose. It’s a kind of happy accident. Most of the time was spent on refinement of contours and then applying details.

T F m
December 19, 2013

A Little Time Goes a Long Way.

In Eleanor’s Studio
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 15×10.5″


It’s been a very busy two weeks! Our grandson arrived by C-section. I did some cooking for my kids so they could focus on meals for baby rather than meals for themselves. Then I hosted Thanksgiving for the family. The number for Thanksgiving dinner was fouirteen counting baby. The new mommy and daddy came with a six day old baby and he was passed and cuddled and kissed throughout the whole evening. He’s a little beauty boy if ever I saw one! My son has pictures of his grandmother holding her first great grandson. (I need to nag him for some pictures so I have  some for my gramma brag book!) This is her fourth great grandchild. It was a joyous evening. We are soooo grateful!
We had a reunion of the Saturday figure drawing/painting group. My friend decided she missed it as much as I did. She decided to schedule sessions sporadically on Sundays. These sessions are long pose. The model takes a single pose for the whole session,of course, with breaks.  What a difference that makes! I can work more deliberately and produce a complete watercolor. Quick and intermediate poses serve their purposes but don’t allow for finish. Any work I finish is usually very small, though, once in a while I manage to churn one out quickly
By working quickly one can establish all the relationships so corrections can be made. Color relationships, value relationships, size relationships can be adjusted in regards to each other. Working all that together makes for a more cohesive work. Quick poses are for learning how to do that so there is a basis for finishing. The quality of finish can make all the difference in the world. Having a long pose session more regularly will be a gift for finish.

T F m
December 5, 2013