A Challenging View to Paint

Foreshortened View
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 7.75×3.375″

Well, this little painting is all foreshortening! What a challenging view! As usual I’m ready to kvetch about the shortness of time for such a challenging puzzle. It is like a puzzle in a way. I have to find the shapes as they appear one in front of the other and figure out how to stack them in the right order. It’s a terrible comparison, but it’s like slicing up a salami and then stacking it back together again!

It’s an unfortunate reality that one must approach a figure drawing or painting as if the model was a thing; like a still life. But that is the fact. The human body is all shape, plains and values and must be viewed that way in order to fool yourself into rendering it. It’s a way to suspend critical thinking from interfering with the process. Otherwise I would have the tendency to draw what I know, intellectually, to be in front of me instead of what I see.

An example of drawing what one knows is to be present would be a flat tabletop turned up facing the viewer. The table top might be at eye-level, and, as a result not visible at all. The drawer knows it’s there and doesn’t know to just show it edge-on.

This post has been at a long interval from my last post because I am preparing my house for sale. The next post will be at a similar interval. You know how that is! I’ve been clearing out stuff and sending it off to charity or trashing it. And I’m fighting with my pack rat hubby trying to have him do some of the same. I have finished on my side of things. His domain is not under control, quite yet, but he is getting close. Then once the house is spiffy we go to live in our retirement house in Wisconsin. That’s the only way to keep the spiffed-up house tidy for sale. I sure hope it’s sold before the dead of winter. I really don’t want to be worrying about it then.

My studio was moved there two years ago. I have had no real space to work in since then. I’m going to a bit of painting when I am there permanently. I will be traveling back and forth to visit with my mother and to see my children and grandson. We’ve made the three hour drive many times in the past few months. It seems the car know the way all by itself!

T F m
July 12, 2014