Come See Some Oil Paintings and Watercolors


Come see my work if you are in the area. My paintings will be on display for three months. I can change the work shown at the beginning of the month so three separate shows will be on display in sequence.

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January 31, 2015

Watercolor Degree of Separation

Foreshortened Arm
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 7.5×4.75′

It has been another long breaks between posts. I am almost completely recovered from my surgery. I will get the go ahead or not from my doctor as to whether I can go back into the water for my workouts. My fingers are crossed. I just returned from a visit to my family. I miss my kids and my grandson a LOT. I got to work off all the kisses I have had stored up for them! My grandson is very kissable!

I have a bunch of images saved for this site and this little piece has been waiting in the que. I am very pleased with the foreshortend arm on the right. It looks pretty convincing. I want to say something about how one controls all this wet watercolor. These start out with wet paper. As it dries I can add more information. In order to do that, I do my best to work all over the paper. That means areas of different hues that abut each other are wet at the same time.

“How does one keep those different areas from bleeding into each other?” you might ask.

If you look closely dear viewer, you will see a very narrow thread of white along the back of her head down to her arm. By not allowing the two areas to touch, and not breaking their respective surface tensions, the two areas remain separate. Of course I could wait until each application of color is dry before proceeding but there is a distinct disadvantage to that. It stops the rythmn of working. By leaving that tiny bit of dry paper I can continue until finishing and I end up with a more cohesive result. Besides, I like the look of those little sparkles of white.

That goes with drawing as well. No erasers please! The eraser make one feel compelled to stop and correct and destroys the whole process of looking, mark making, and assessing. Correcting on the fly is the way to correct. If you start out with a light enough touch, any corrections will cover over anything that is not satisfying.

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January 19, 2015

Painting at the Beach

Sitting at the Beach
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 7.5×10″

I had some surgery a little over two weeks ago. That accounts for the extended time between posts. I just didn’t feel quite myself until just a few days ago. I still don’t feel totally recovered, but I know the worst is over. I can’t go back into the water for aerobic workouts for another three weeks. I’m walking an indoor track instead. Boring!

Now I feel like writing. This makes my first post of the New Year with one of the last paintings of the Old Year. I am longing for warmth! I am sitting in front of the computer in the coolest room of he house with two sweaters on and my fingers and nose are cold. Our winter season began so early this year, I am already sick of winter! I was never really a winter person since my favorite outdoor activities are best suited to warm weather. I like painting and walking out doors and I love the water. I could have pruney fingers and toes all the time.

This is one those watercolors that had lain unfinished in my portfolio for a while. I had this one and several others spread out before me one afternoon for the finishing flourish on a cold Sunday afternoon. I am craving warmth to such a degree, I put this young man on the beach in the middle of summer. I know I have said that I needed a new trope for finishing these but I couldn’t help myself. The weather man is predicting single digit high temps and below zero low temps for the next ten days. And we just had 4″ of snow. Boo! Hiss!

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January 4, 2015