Painted Pleine Aire Grunge

Art Wagon, Oil on Archival Panel, 12×16″

I came home from Florida with a cold and covered in furiously itching insect bites. I ended up on an antibiotic for a secondary infection from the bites. Who’d a thunk it?!

I painted this in Fernandina Beach. I was covered up like a Bedouin to keep out of the sun (I’m a sunburn queen.) I also sprayed all my coverings with insect repellant to prevent, unsuccessfully, any more bites. At least, they were minimized. Fernandina Beach is known for shrimping and a paper mill. The railroad runs right along the water, primarily, for the paper mill. These were sitting on a siding waiting for a load. While everyone else was painting the boats at their moorings, I latched onto this. The boats were too pristine. There was no character.

This had character! I guess I like  to have the history of my subjects written on their exteriors like my older models. They have it written on their bodies and their faces. I loved the bright blue of the freight car and I loved the graffiti. I also loved the grunge. This is actually the first pleine aire painting I have been satisfied with. I could go crazy with more grunge, but it’s no longer available for observation. I like being there to look at it. It makes for a better painting. Photographs just don’t cut it.

T F m
April 22, 2015

Painting Away


Pork Pie Hat
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 10.5×7.5″

This young man, like the previous model, is another baby face with the same difficulties for getting a likeness. He came in wearing a pork pie hat. We artists insisted that he wear it for the pose. It turned out to present a bit of a problem for me. I never got it right. It looks more like a Hamburg hat than a pork pie hat. As a result, he looks just like an orthodox Jewish bar mitzvah boy. All that needs adding are the side locks.

I have been away on a trip to Florida. I just had to get away from the cold. I got away from the cold and straight into a plague of biting insects. The Wisconsin state bird is the mosquito and Wisconsin’s mosquitoes are no match for Florida’s melange of biting insects. I was covered from head to toe with furiously itching little welts from those hellish little beasts.I got most of them while having dinner in a screened lanai. They came in right through the screening! I had such a strong reaction, I had to go to the doctor. The itching woke me in the middle of the night from a sound sleep. I’m still itching!

I did brave the bugs with some  pleine air painting. Those will be posted in the near future.. I took pains to cover myself like a Bedouin for sun protection while soaking my clothing in insect repellent to keep the the little blood sucking monsters away. I did a total of four outdoor and one indoor painting which will be posted here soon. I am also getting ready for some small showings around the Green Bay area.

T F m
April 8, 2015