Painting in the Neighborhood

View Off Gravel Pit Road
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 10.5×15″

In my previous post, I mentioned that subject matter for art is everywhere. All you have to do is look at the world as an artist. Granted we all have lives that require chores to be done and errands to be run. We just have to remind ourselves to look while we do them. I have been driving on Gravel Pit Road for a while now and have seen this view a lot. It has been nagging me to come out and paint. So I did. But, not this painting. This was done later from memory. The first painting is a small oil painting. That will be next post. I’m going to paint each oil painting a second time in watercolor from memory just to see what I am suited to best. I am struggling with oil outdoors trying to get a painting that looks like an oil painting. Maybe it’s wrong headed but, it seems that one medium can inform the other in circular mode.

I find landscape painting, after to non-objective abstract painting, to be most challenging. There is just so much information to edit. With non-objective abstract painting there is no information. Without a reference, it has to come out of one’s head. Landscape painting is all reference and it is just too much to deal with all of it. One has to distill it down to the manageable bits. As an observational artist I have trained myself to observe closely and that is to my detriment when painting landscape outdoors.

In addition, I have to alter my painting sensibility from watercolor to oil paint. One is not more difficult than the other. Each has its difficulties in their differences and the approaches required. I have to see what happens. Much depends upon my tolerance for frustration.

I have to alter my painting sensibility from watercolor to oil paint.

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June 30, 2015

Painting Outside My New Front Door

Out My Front Door
Oil on Archival Panel, 11×14″

The weather here has been damnably uncooperative! Warm one day. Cold the next day. Then rainy and cold. Then just rainy. It has been putting the cabash on my plans to paint outside this summer. The one day we had that was agreeably warm and sunny allowed me to go out into my front yard to paint.

This is the view up the rode coming to my new home in Wisconsin. These are my neighbor’s trees seen from my vantage point. I want to communicate why I moved here. I also want to paint outdoors with oils and make them look like oils and not look like watercolors. It seems simple but it can be a daunting goal.

I have always said that the subject matter for art is all around us. There are little places that provide all that’s needed for creating a painting. It’s all there if you pay attention. You don’t have to go to distant locales or exotic places to make art. It’s all around you just waiting. These trees and the landscape they are occupying posed very nicely for me that day. A few hundred feet down the road are more models to pose for me. Thank you very much!

I have been very busy lately. Hence, the long interval between posts. I have been showing with the Art Garage and the De Pere Art Walk has just begun. I will be showing my work once each month through the summer. I am introducing myself to the community. I have been torn between creative projects. I have some sewing projects and painting projects that need beginning and finishing. My honey and I have been working out three times a week and we find that after all our errands afterwards the day is gone! I have to sit my self down and schedule my time and be disciplined enough to keep it. I have too many opportunities to play and I can’t decide which opportunity to take. Oh the vicissitudes of retirement!

I want to paint outdoors with oils and make them look like oils, not watercolors. It seems simple but it can be a…

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June 14, 2015