Painting While on the Fly at Rushmore

Rushmore Hillside
Watercolor on Rag Paper, 4.125×9.75″

It’s been a long time between posts. I have been very busy with a deck renovation and sun room addition. Then we traveled to Denver for a wedding. On the way home we visited Mount Rushmore. My hubby was on a tear to get home. All I wanted to do was stop and paint watercolors. I told him to make himself scarce so I could paint this little watercolor. Otherwise he hovers.

The Presidents were right in front of me but this little snatch of hillside was all I had eyes for.  The Black Hills are magnificent! The Presidents are a remarkable achievement, but nothing can compete with Mother Nature over several billion years. Besides, I am sure every artist who came here before me has rendered Rushmore in ways as numerous as the artists. I am not sure my efforts would have been any better.

I have to admit the visitors’ center is very well designed so as not to distract from the site. As much of the natural vegetation as possible has been preserved. So it remains beautiful. I’m not sure I approve of the kitsch in the towns surrounding the park. To call it tacky is an insult to all things tacky. I only wish I had more time to nose around and paint.

I have more travels to write about so, dear reader, there is more to come!

T F m
November 22, 2015