A Tour Is Not for a Painter/Artist

Capri Cliffs
Watercolor on Rag Paper, 9.75×4.125″

After returning from our Denver wedding and side tour to Mount Rushmore, we had a week to prepare for a ten day tour of Italy and a four day sojourn in Paris. The Italy tour was organized and involved travel around the country by bus or motor coach as the tour director referred to it. I’ve decided organized tours are not for me. It is so rushed that I can’t get my desired dose of art or painting.

I nearly got lost in the Vatican Museum because I stopped to look a little closer at a tapestry. I glanced at the part of the tapestry that caught my attention and looked up to find no sign of my group. I had to race ahead to the Sistine Chapel and wait until they caught up with me.

I also like to nose around a little and meet people. I like to stop and do some watercolor. I only got to do three watercolors on the whole trip! Boo! Hoo! This is one of them done towards the end of the Italy tour. This is Capri. Theses cliffs overlook the main harbor of the island.I’m sure it’s a volcanic island being adjacent to the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius. These cliffs may be the walls of an extinct crater. I’ll do some research on that in post my findings when I have them.

I decided to forego a tour of the island so I could spend my time painting. It was worth it. It was a gray day. On the whole the weather was quite good. More sunny days than overcast or rainy days. We were rained on the last day in Paris. I love Paris and would go back in an instant! I wouldn’t let anything stop if the opportunity presented itself.

One more Capri watercolor to come.

T F m
December 3, 2015