A Good Thing for Me and My Watercolor Painting

Red Barns Up The Road
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 5.5×15.5″

Winter isn’t over yet! We are expecting a spring snowstorm beginning tonight and into tomorrow. We are in the bull’s eye and slated for  6—12″ of heavy, wet snow. We’ll see if Mother Nature comes across. I am looking forward to the spring and summer outdoor painting season, but I really love the landscape covered in snow.  The cold temperatures render its beauty more of a challenge to love. That makes me appreciate it all the more.

Thank goodness my hubby and I can hunker down at home while the storm comes through. I have plenty to keep me busy and supplies for all my cooking plans so we are OK for the storm. At this time of year the snow will not last long and will be gone quickly—until next winter. Meanwhile let it snow!

Wet masa paper is so perfect for snow scenes. The water droplets from a little shot from my misting bottle creates tiny back washes which mimic snow flakes. I could salt the wash for even more effect but in this instance the water droplets are just fine! I’m going to paint tomorrow during the snow fall by looking out my window into the woods and we’ll see what happens. It should be fun.

T F m
March 23, 2016

Landscape Painting Has Seized My Attention

With a Brief Stop At the Crossroads
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 5.25×15.5″

I have been struggling with the difficulties migrating old files to a new computer as well as dealing with the need to get new software. My old computer works perfectly well but is not compatible with new devices. I cant even transfer my pictures from my new cell phone. E-mailing them to myself has become very tiresome. That, and a bout with some virus that is a mimic for the flu, are my excuses for not posting to my blog for such a long time.

I have been enthralled with the winter landscape. Winter here can be oppressively cold and dreary but, when I go out into the countryside I am gobsmacked by its beauty. I have to pinch myself just to make sure that living here isn’t a dream. I ‘m gobsmacked it in the summer too. Summer is its own gorgeousness. But it’s so easy to love. Winter is stark and has an austere palette. As a lifelong city girl this is my slice of heaven! I’m in love.

Yes, there will be lots of summer paintings just because going outside is a snap but, winter will have a special place in my artist’s heart.

T F m
March 15, 2016