Recent Watercolor Painting of a Subject which Seems Long Past

Early Spring
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 10.5×15″

I’m a freak for pattern and the fields, here, have provided stripes for my delight! The snow in the newly plowed furrows did the trick. However it started to melt quickly. The darker the soil in the field the faster the melt. The sky shows have been spectacular as well. Global warming has put more water vapor into the atmosphere and as a consequence the clouds are thicker and more awesome. We’ve only recently had a string of sunny days so this was the norm quite recently.

This was painted only a few weeks ago.  But now it is only a dim memory. Temperatures are as they should be: perfect! The trees are now fully leafed out and my back yard is magnificently lush. The lilacs are blooming and the tulips too. Lily of the valley is blanketing one on our long neglected beds. Even, I, who has lost most of her sense of smell, can catch some of the fragrance! I’m amazed!

Now all I need to do is to soak up the bliss of summer. You’ll see the results as soon as I paint them.

T F m
May 27, 2016

Figure Painting: Equal Opportunity Nudity

Seated Man
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 10.5×7.5″

It sure is nice to have a male model! Female models are so much more available than male models. We need both men and women to pose. After all, human beings come in both sexes so in order to become a competent figure painter/drawer, one needs to practice from both. Besides the female body is so often depicted as sexually available that it’s time for the boys to be so exposed—equal opportunity nudity!

This man is not one of the most fabulous models but, he will do. He takes this pose quite often. If one ever decides to become an artists’ model, do your homework. Look up figure painting over the centuries and study the poses. They got used again and again each time with a slight twist from the artist. Studying them just to helps to develop a repertoire of poses. Figure artists experience all kinds of models. Variety of poses, as in life, is our spice.

I remember that in college we had a model who would look over cutouts of comic book super heroes during breaks. It seemed so peculiar! We all asked her why she did it. She said that super hero action poses were extreme. In fact, they were so extreme that no one could actually take them and hold them. But by studying and attempting to hold them, she could offer more interesting poses for modeling sessions. It was a very professional attitude. As a consequence, she was our most interesting model. It was the something more a really good models offers their clients. They become collaborators in the art created. They inspire really good work—work that is beyond OK. Such a model is very much appreciated.

T F m
May 7, 2016