Wintry Weather and Painting Do Not Mix

Green Shawl
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 14×10.5″

I have been grounded by the weatherman!  The classic wintry mix has been a bane to my artistic activities. Snow, sleet, freezing rain, fog, and combinations of all four weather conditions have kept me from my drawing and painting groups. This painting was done last month.

In my last post, I mentioned that hats make everyone appear androgynous. You can see that here with this young woman wearing a fedora and a shawl over her shoulders. She had a funky hairdo under that hat. I would have loved to have had that in my portrait! But, in a group situation, one has to go along with the consensus of the group. They use costume for interest. I prefer pattern and color for interest. They have no desire to dress their model stand. What a pity! Think Matisse! Think Klimt!

As an artist, I find portraiture to be a very challenging practice. It’s a real test of skills and observation. However, they can be boring in large doses. I am also more interested in context. The environment tells the viewer a lot about the sitter if components are meaningful. These are just images of people who are anonymous to the viewer. Only if the portrait is by an art star does anyone take notice. We marvel over a Rembrandt or a Raphael or a Goya but not over a Schulman.





January 26, 2017