Profile Portrait Drawing

Ball Point Pen on Paper, 8.5×5.5″

This is a profile portrait of a friend of ours. Of the portrait views, the profile seems to me to be the least difficult. This was done while sitting at the counter in the kitchen during conversation. I really like to draw when the sitter isn’t actually sitting. I think it produces a more naturalistic result. I guess it’s the speed factor again. Working fast helps keep the inner critic quiet. Working fast means there is no time to heed the critic. Getting everything down is all that’s possible.

I have been told that drawing people without their knowing is a bit of risktaking. Yes, I could make a mess of it, but so what? I just move on to the next drawing. I have an infinite number of drawings in me. Let them pour forth. My satisfaction with the result is of no consequence. The activity is all that matters.

I started doing ball point pen drawings to show my students that an eraser is an inessential artifact when drawing. I think it’s an obstacle to drawing as it encourages the notion that mistakes are to be addressed immediately. Rather, it is best to make corrections on the fly. Using an eraser only interrupts the rhythm of drawing.

March 2, 2014