A More Complete Drawing

On the Floor
Ball Point Pen on Paper, 5.5×8.5″

This is a drawing done with a time allotment of thirty minutes. The previous drawings were given a time allotment of five minutes. At the end of the time allotment it was not as complete as shown here. At home I added the dark background and the dark areas of the fainting couch. I also added the plaid pattern to the cloth on which she is lying to repeat the pattern from the pillow on the fainting couch. I then deepened some of the shadows of the upper cloth as well. Having more time to complete such details doesn’t mean I didn’t quickly draw the figure. It is always good practice to quickly place everything essential to the drawing a generalized manner. I quickly placed the figure, fainting couch, and the fabrics making sure I had enough information to complete drawing later. The pattern on the cloth and the pattern on the carpet are invented to complete the space.

If you enlarge the drawing, you can see the notations made during the quick, generalized drawing process. You can see the center line of the body and the face; the mark indicating the arc of the ankle of her left foot and the arc of the knuckles of her left the hand. It is critical to locate joints and to indicate the direction of the limbs. The joints are key to this as they are the points of movement. An anatomically correct stick figure can do that very well and express what the model is doing. By an anatomically correct stick figure I mean a stick figure with shoulders, a pelvis and joints; not the typical stick figure with a basketball head; a vertical line for a body with arms and legs attached directly to it. It usually has no hands and feet either. Drawing a naturalistic figure requires a naturalistic stick figure as a basis for beginning.

The initial, quick gesture lies at the heart of this drawing. It is just more developed than the drawings of the last post.



January 4, 2017