A Painted Record of Winter in Watercolor

Watercolor on Masa Paper, 14.5×10.5″

We had our first measurable snow fall of the year yesterday. It’s quite late in the season for a first snow. I’ll take it. I said in my last post that in spite of my being life-long resident of the upper mid-west, I have become a wuss in regards to winter. This painting is not a record of yesterday’s storm but was painted last winter and it is a record of a much more significant accumulation.

The bright white of Masa paper makes the depiction of snow particularly effective. I am very much drawn to the muted color of winter. There is still a full color range but it is very much grayer than a summer palette. As for the value range, it is shifted to the middle to light values especially when the sky is overcast. That’s pretty much the entire winter here. It’s only on rare occasions that the value range is complete from full sun. Full winter sun means very cold weather has descended upon us. When that happens my honey and I stay home and occupy ourselves with our individual interests. I, with creative pursuits and he, with technical, electronic pursuits (HAM radio). It’s good to be retired!


December 5, 2016