Another Outdoor Self-Portrait

Bay Sisters
Watercolor on Rag Paper, 21×29″

This another in a series of outdoor self-portraits. I am a Great Lakes mid-westerner. I have spent my life near the shores of these vast freshwater lakes and I still love to be near them in the summer. Here I have planted my easel with my warehouse mirror on the shore of Sister Bay, Wisconsin. I wanted to show the waters of the bay. Unfortunately I had a view behind me that I didn’t particularly like—a gas station. So I turned my mirror around and painted the bay again! I am holding on to the camp stool I was using as a table for my watercolor palette because it was so windy it would have blown away otherwise.

I am wearing my favorite painting hat. I have unfortunately lost it since then and haven’t found another one to replace it. It covered my neck and ears to prevent sunburn. Something very important to a sunburn queen. I called it my ‘Davida of the Desert’ hat.

October 18, 2009