Drawing Toys: New Accessory

iPad Drawing, Size Variable

I just bought a new stylus for my iPad. It’s a precision stylus that gives the exactness of a real pen. It’s just to difficult to get a mark in exactly the right place with my finger or with a rubber tipped stylus.
I also bought another drawing/painting app. I looked up what app David Hockney uses and it’s Brushes. I like it best so far.
This is my husband working on a crossword puzzle. It’s not a likeness but with new tool I figure I can’t have everything just right the first time it’s used.
I’m also posting this from my iPad for the first time. I’m checking it out for my trip to Utah. I plan on posting daily if I can get a wireless connection. I am also curious as to how how the formatting will work out. I am fussy as to how I want my blog to look. I am not proficient with HTML coding so I have accepted some of the idiosyncrasies. I am at home so I can check this post to see how it looks and alter it if necessary.

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June 6, 2012