Come See Some Oil Paintings and Watercolors


Come see my work if you are in the area. My paintings will be on display for three months. I can change the work shown at the beginning of the month so three separate shows will be on display in sequence.

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January 31, 2015

Self Portrait

Acrylic on Panel, 11×14
This was done on a residency in Hungary at Balatonfured on Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton is the largest fresh water lake in Europe. I spent a lot of time painting on the porch as I had ruptured my achilles tendon while in Budapest. That wasn’t actually confirmed until I got home. I spent 8 weeks in a boot and that was through most of my semester teaching. This and the beginnings of another self-portrait posted here were done during this residency.

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February 8, 2010

Self Portrait

Self-Portrait with Magritte
Acrylic on Canvas, 48×36″

This is a self-portrait that is an observed mirror image. I have even included the beveled edges and the broken character of the image within them. On the mirror I stuck a postcard image of a Magritte titled Rape. It is a female torso that doubles as a head and shoulders portrait of a woman. I have used postcards like this in the past to have a discussion with art history. I intend to continue doing so but in what context? I am not sure.

I am uncertain as to what Magritte’s attitude towards women was, but this doesn’t communicate any great respect for women as persons to me. Has anyone done a little research on this painting? I’d love to hear from you.

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January 23, 2010

Another Picture of a Painting Artist

Here is another picture of me in the process of painting a self-portrait. The mirror in front of me is a little more obvious in this than in the previous post. More to come. The finished product can be seen on my other blog:


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December 10, 2009

Another Model in the Studio, Sort Of

Here is another picture of me painting one of my large self-portraits. In the upper center of the picture you can just make out the mirror in front of me and the reflection of my arm in the mirror. There is also a mirror behind me which cannot be seen in this picture. So the mirror images are bouncing off of each other. You can see the finished product on my other blog:

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December 9, 2009

Me, Painting!

I came across some pictures taken my a friend of mine. I was working on a large self-portrait and she was fascinated by my set-up of mirrors. The self-portrait is was posted early on my other blog: There five pictures in all and I will be posting them over the next few days.This picture gives one a good idea of the scale of the piece.

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December 8, 2009

Self Portrait


Self-Portrait (Blue Brush)
Acrylic on Canvas, 60×48″

My blog description says “Paintings with Things to Say”. This is one more of those. I have a reputation for being a snot and this painting, though austere in setting, is snotty or defiant—whatever descriptive you might want to choose.

This and the work of the previous post is let the world know that women are not all like the images pushed by the media and we never had to be. After years of starving myself trying to be what I was not, I have capitulated in the battle of the bulge. This is who I am and if you don’t like, tough! It is also to acknowledge my vocation as an artist. I have had a very hard time convincing some people that I am a serious artist. By taking my clothes off, I convinced them.

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July 27, 2009


Self-Portrait (Torso)
Acrylic on Canvas, 48×36″

This a companion piece to the previous post. In fact, I consider these two pieces to be one work. Women can look at themselves in the mirror, try to be who they are not, and, in doing so separate themselves from how they really feel. It is a divorce from the body. If one cannot live comfortably in one’s body, how can one experience life fully?

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July 21, 2009

Another Self-portrait

Self-Portrait (Head & Shoulders)
Acrylic on Canvas, 30×24″

This self-portrait is one of two pieces. It, too, acknowledges the studio with the halogen work light in front of the venetian blinds in the background. I will write more about this and the next piece when I post it.

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July 13, 2009


Self-Portrait on Panels
Acrylic on Panels
Size Variable
Women are ridiculed for constantly primping in front of the mirror. (Vanity, usually painted by a man, has been historically represented as a woman before a mirror.) But our society insists that women be fashionably beautiful or attractive. Then if a women doesn’t conform she gets slammed again with ridicule. Besides fashion in beauty changes. There is no way to win, especially now, in a media driven consumer society. Women look at themselves and constantly find themselves lacking. This part is insufficent. That part is too sufficient. We find ourselves to be our harshest judges.So I painted myself as a collection of parts and a mirror for a head. The mirror is a metaphor for all the women who look in the mirror and don’t see what they can like. It is also a way to put the viewer in my shoes. They look in the mirror and see their heads on my body.

Additionally, I have painted a post card reproduction of William DeKooning’s Woman One in my hand. Women must be either goddesses of beauty or they are monsters.

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July 6, 2009