Drawing From Life

Ballpoint Pen on Paper, 8.5×5.5″

The title of this post has a double meaning. This was drawn as it occurred. It is not photo derived. So it is drawn from life. It is also part of my life’s experience. So it is drawn from life. My life. This my mother getting a haircut.

The beauty parlor is a good subject for art. Such places deal in fantasy. There are the images of young, impossibly flawless, Photo Shopped woman plastered up everywhere. Then the real people walk in the door and are confronted by those images. The contrast presented by my 99 year old mother and those false images is flabbergasting!

I remember seeing a show years ago with women who were competing to be Mrs. America. All were married and had children and were very youthful looking (of course). They had to be paraded around in swimsuits. In essence, it was a meat rack thinly veiled in the superficiality by a well paid public relations firm. When I think of all the courageous women who would not have met the narrowly shallow ideal represented on that show, it makes me want to scream!

I thought, “Why can’t my elderly mother be Mrs. America?” She was married to my dad for 63 years. When she married my dad he had the clothes he stood in and little more. She raised 4 children all of whom have been self-sufficient. All of us have maintained our marriages for long terms. She has been a wonderful grandmother and now great grandmother. So I nominate my mother to be Mrs. America.

April 11, 2014