Hats for Portrait Paintings Are Not Appreciated

Portrait with Scarf and Hat
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 15×10.5″

This lady has gorgeous hair! Can you see it? Nope! That’s because she has a hat on. I can appreciate a hat in a portrait if there is nothing else of interest or, if the hat is interesting, but when the hat obliterates any hint of the good stuff, then, I become very unhappy! No dressed model stand, only neutral colors; blah! I loved the scarf because it had gorgeous color and some pattern. That hat took all my attention to make it believable. I have lots of figure paintings with color and pattern that include some of my best work. Just search this blog to see my previous. You’ll find 8 years worth.

The future holds a few surprises so stay tuned blog watchers!





February 14, 2017