Illinois Biennial Watercolor and Drawing Exhibition
These are installation views of the Eighteenth Biennial Exhibition of Illinois Watercolors and Drawings. It’s held at the Tarble Arts Center of Eastern Illinois University. It’s juried from the actual work right at the arts center. My friends and I usually pool our deliveries to this show since it  is a 4 hour drive from my location. I think we delivered 16 pieces of work for the jury. If you have work accepted you can wait for the reception to collect the unaccepted work. This year there was a blizzard which kept a lot of people from attending the reception so a lot of work will be waiting for collection at the the closing.
The watercolor in the middle picture is mine. The title is Ed. It is posted on this blog. Just follow the link for a larger view.
You can see its a massive space. My friend, Sigrid, took these pictures of my piece installed for documentation.  Thank you Sigrid!

February 3, 2011