Lost in the Shuffle

Watercolor on Masa Paper, 10×7.5″
I am mourning the passing of summer, a beautiful autumn, and pleasant weather. It is cold and windy here. The clouds are building for what will be a very sunshine starved season. If we do have sun it’ will be very cold. Consult your basic meteorology text to explain that. . 
This little image got lost in the shuffle of excitement around here. We are anticipating the birth of our very first grandchild. Woo Hoo! My beautiful daughter-in-law is very big with child and due a week from Friday. She has been a frenzy of activity. She’s been nesting and her chief assistant is my son. He gutted to the studs and re-did the bathroom. The two of them painted the house. She garage-saled furniture then repainted and reupholstered. I’m getting tired just typing about it. It’s been a whirl of activity.
My hubby and I are thrilled. I was told I would be crazy, even double crazy as the day approached and it’s true. I have been crocheting afghans and sweaters and now getting ready to sew baby clothes. It de ja vue all over again. I did the same for my own kids and had tons of fun doing it. It will be lovely doing it again. There is one benefit. I get to have all the fun and none of the responsibility! More to come in the next few weeks. Expect Gramma to post some pictures.

October 27, 2013