Oy! Another Portrait Painting with a Hat!

Portrait with Hat and Glasses
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 15×10.5″

I have said that I am not fond of hats for portraits especially when the hat covers up more interesting things like a funky hairdo. In addition to the hat for this pose are the glasses which did nothing to make up for the hat. I had to suck it up and deal with the whole without any dressing of the model stand. At least there was a striped pillow! I got all excited about that and the red jacket.This woman is really quite attractive but the hat and the glasses make her look much older than she really is. The blandness of the model stand makes for a very dowdy look. At least we had some good music but no conversation.

My old Saturday group carried on fascinating conversations with music and snacks to carry us through our 4-hour session. Our models loved coming to sit for us because we kept them entertained and engaged. The time flew by as a result. Of course, when the work got challenging, we shut up! There was no prompting. We just got quiet with the concentration and attention required for finishing. I did some really good work in that studio. How I miss those sessions and my artist friends!



February 6, 2017