Remind Me Again. Why Did We Do This?

Waiting for an X-ray.
Ball Point Pen on Paper, 8.5×5″


My mother is almost 97.  She has been complaining for months about a sore shoulder.  She made an appointment with an orthopedist regarding her shoulder. She needed an x-ray for that visit. One was scheduled for her without anyone telling her she was to visit the radiology department before seeing the doctor. We wandered around the hospital complex first trying to find the doctor’s office and then we wandered around trying to find radiology. We waited about 35 minutes for the x-ray. Then we waited for another 35 minutes after returning to the doctor’s office. The doctor told her she had three options: a shot of cortico-steroid into her shoulder,  a surgery to replace her shoulder, or do nothing. My mother decided to do nothing.  Someone please tell me again. Why did we visit the doctor?

February 25, 2012