Art is Right in the Neighborhood

Neighborhood Trees
Watercolor on Masa Paper, 14.5×10.5″


This scene is one from down the street adjacent to the local school’s playing fields. It’s right at the edge of the fields where the suburban homes are, along with their landscaping at the perimeter. The school buildings were behind me as I painted. Those buildings are planted in an empty grass covered plain with little of interest from the position I had taken. I’m sure I could find something for a painting in those school buildings if I nosed around a little bit.

The rectangular hedge in the left of the middle ground of this watercolor is the boundary between the two areas. There is a house behind the red maple and the ornamental trees planted around it. I think there are a few more paintings to be made from this location. I just have to drag all my stuff back to it.

This is an example that illustrates my contention that subject matters for art are everywhere. All the mundane aspects of our lives hold the potential for art. In fact I think the collection of mundane experiences I have had were the raw materials for my best work. Most of us don’t live the lives of action heroes. It’s the meanings we attach to the little things that make them powerful. Granted, these pleasant little watercolors are not profound but they part of my life’s journey and part of the bits and pieces of what could be profound art.

September 1, 2013