Still Raining

Unlikely Menagerie
Watercolor on Masa Paper
15×10.5″, $125.00

I am very frustrated with the weather. My body is protesting with aches and pains too. This is the third straight day of rain; very unusual for this time of year. I am sure hoping for another eight weeks of weather tolerable enough for outdoor painting. There will be enough dark and dreary days around here when winter settles in.

In the meantime I will be scrounging around for some ‘chochkes’ for still life set-ups. This is the first scrounge. I am neither a collector nor do I like having knick-knacks about the house. I have to dust them! I just don’t want to be bothered. I have been the maid around here for 43 years and the less housework I do the more painting I do. Housework sucks! And I am putting it delicately. So here is my odd menagerie of the silly fish from previous paintings plus a bear and a giraffe on my kitchen table as I look longingly over my rain soaked deck.

August 28, 2009