Still Life Painting That Needs Something

Painted Pleine Aire Grunge

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Still Life


Stage of the Lyric Opera Ball Point Pen on Paper, 8.5×5.5″ My Hubby and I have season’s tickets to the Lyric Opera of Chicago. It is our entire entertainment budget and we sit in the cheap seats. We are in the lower upper nosebleed section. That’s the lower section of the upper balcony. This is […]

Hand Built Bowl

Caffeine Fix

CoffeeGraphite on Paper8.5×5.5″ I was having some work done in my kitchen and I had to take myself out of the way so I wouldn’t become a hindrance to progress. I went to the local restaurant and had breakfast. I was taken by the reflections of the coffee carafe and drew this. I only […]

No Model

SkullOil on Panel10×8″, $125.00 Our model did not come as scheduled last Saturday. We were all ready to work, so, instead of packing up and going home, we set up a still life and worked from our arrangement. Our host has a lot of props in her studio including this cow’s skull which she […]

Mugs of the Masters, Continued

Self-Portrait with Vincent & Paul Watercolor on Rag Paper, 16×20″ This was done in my last house. This is the shelf on a mirror hall piece that is framed in brass. You can see reflections into a part of the house with my artwork on the walls. The mugs have reproductions of a still life […]

Fruit, No Nuts

Still Life with PineappleWatercolor on Masa Paper10.5×15″, SOLD This is a pretty straightforward still life of fruit which demonstrates the how masa paper can provide soft edges when wet and more details as the paper dries. You can see the detail in the pineapple and the soft edges of the rest of the fruit. […]