The Allure of Pattern

Asian Screen
Ball Point Pen on Paper, 8.5×5.5″

I am a sucker for pattern and color. Since color is not an issue for drawing, pattern becomes the important additional element. Pattern seems to enliven the drawing. It renders a drawing more believable. If I can draw the pattern as it appears to undulate across the fabric, it helps give the fabric its form. It doesn’t matter what the pattern is. It could be stripes, or flowers, or plaid. Each provides the same believability.

In this case a white kimono with Japanese calligraphy is the fabric providing the central pattern. It’s loose gestural quality is contrasted by the rigid geometry of the screen. The painting on the wall behind her on the left finishes the geometry with a linear perspective. The space seems complete. 

In my previous post, I said that invented spaces seem unsatisfying their contrivance. This observed space makes the contrivance of the invented space more apparent. This has some alteration of my view, but as a directly observed setting, this is so much better to me.

February 19, 2014