Figure with Three Patterned Sarongs

Watercolor on Masa Paper, 5.25×7.75″


This little watercolor was done yesterday during class. It’s was done as part of my no-hovering policy. I work along side my students to keep me out of their hair. One of my students, in a stroke of genius, suggested we take one of the upholstered benches from the hall into the classroom for our model to recline on. It became our chaise lounge a la Olympia!
As a junior college, the studio art classes are restricted to nothing beyond the 200 level. So not much is made of a concentration on the figure. We share the classroom with drawing and painting with no dedicated classroom for each activity. With no figure drawing/painting studio, we are ill equipped for providing an ideal setting. 
I’d love to have a room with props and drapes to literally dress a set and then allow it to stay in place during the period of activity for which it was created. I do have fabrics and four sarongs stored in a desk drawer. I pin the two yard lengths to the wall or drape them over the edge of the model stand. The model stand is a home made, all-purpose rolling table that is way too high for the models or the artists in the room. We all end up looking up the models’ noses or under their chins. It’s an awkward set-up.
The bench turned out to be the perfect height and it is padded enough to make our model reasonably comfortable. You see one sarong under the model and two on the wall behind her. A fourth sarong was her cover-up for the evening. They are very useful for they have the right size and have just enough pattern and color to make it interesting for drawings and paintings. Sarongs are so right!


March 29, 2013