Waiting and Hiding

Reading While Waiting
Ball Point Pen on Paper, 6.5×5″


It seems that waiting is such large part of of our lives. At least it has been for me. Waiting for family to come home. Waiting at the orthodontist for the kids. waiting for my usually late hubby. Or waiting for my usually late younger son, waiting for a response to e-mail, text, or voice message. Oy! waiting, waiting, waiting! I have almost screamed from excessive waiting.

Since I have made it a habit to take my sketch book with me pretty much wherever I go, waiting has been transformed into a time to draw. I keep my skills sharp and even come up with some nice pieces. Waiting has become more than just tolerable. This drawing was done while waiting for the eye doctor with my mother. While she was seen to I did my drawings in the waiting area. 
This man was coping with waiting by reading the newspaper. I think having a newspaper up in front one is also a good way to hide. Just prop the paper up in front of you and it’s your own little world. My drawing or someone else’s playing with a smart phone is not much different. Each activity isolates the users from each other. But the paper is a real physical barrier screening one from view thereby making the isolation more complete. 

I think the themes of waiting and self-isolation in a contemporary context are interesting to explore. I don’t know what will come of it but maybe something good.

February 15, 2014