Waiting Room

Waiting for the Birth
Ball Point Pen on Paper, 5×4.5″


My first grandchild was born last November. (Grand he is!) While we were waiting for his arrival, other people were waiting for arrivals of their own. Since I draw while I wait, I drew this young man as he waited for his new family member to arrive. 

People who play with their cell phones are such good models. They are so absorbed by the activity their positions do not vary much. Then, if they do get up, I can work on the context. 

I found this arrangement of furniture in front and the furniture in back to be, spatially, very interesting. I find situation in which the viewer has to climb over obstacle to find the center of attention to be particularly appealing. It’s such an interesting technical problem to me as an artist. It may mean more than that but I’m going to leave that to you, dear reader, to figure out.

March 12, 2014