Watercolor Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait: Goddesses All
Watercolor on Rag Paper, 29×21″

The three figurines in front of, and reflected in, the mirror are reproductions of three goddesses from the Greek Cycladic Islands. They date to about 2000 bce. The bowl they are sitting on reminded me of a tripod for burnt offerings from ancient Greece. The image in front of them is the Goddess of Willendorf (ca. 25,000bce. When god was a woman she looked like me.) All the goddesses sit on a prayer shawl or ‘tallit’. The wearing of a ‘tallit’ was, until fairly recently, reserved for Jewsh men only. It’s time for women to be on top.The candle sticks are devoid of candles because I am not a practicing Jewish woman. I refuse to be part of any organized religion where the men pray in thanks to god for not being born women. Granted some branches of Judaism no longer have this as part of the daily prayers but until this is no longer part of any Jewish liturgy I will not be a co-conspirator to my own oppression.

August 24, 2009